The Dayspring Initiative

Fr. Sean K. Rousseau joined St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in 2012, following his service as the priest-in-charge at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. Fr. Sean Rousseau brings with him exceptional experience in general parish ministry and management. In addition, the Rev. Sean Rousseau plays a vital role in the Dayspring initiative.

Located in Haymarket, Virginia, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is supported by Dayspring, an initiative set forth by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Dayspring launched in January of 2012 in an effort to reestablish Episcopal properties within the Diocese of Virginia. In doing so, Dayspring aims to support continuing congregations, provide recruitment and placement services for clergy members, and reinvigorate congregations in areas that have existing properties.

To support the initiative, a team has been established to carry out three areas of tasks: vision, resources, and communications. The vision team is responsible for analyzing the current obstacles facing the mission of Dayspring and determining how the plan can move forward. The resources team handles business relations and the logistics of bringing each property back into the organization. The communications team is responsible for telling and marketing the Dayspring story.


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