About Saint Paul

The Reverend Sean Rousseau oversees a parish ministry as priest-in-charge with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Haymarket, Virginia. In his leadership role, Rev. Sean K. Rousseau maintains the oldest place of worship still serving the people of Prince William County. The church’s namesake, Saint Paul, is one of the most significant Christian thinkers in history, and his letters constitute part of the New Testament.

Saint Paul lived as a citizen of the Roman Empire and was raised in and studied Orthodox Judaism. Though originally very much opposed to the Christian movement, he converted to Christianity following an intense spiritual experience. Once devoted to Christ, he became among the most important early proponents of the church by nurturing congregations throughout ancient Mediterranean communities. Moreover, his writings represent a very early and influential example of Christian theology.

For more information about Saint Paul and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, log on to the church’s website at StPaulsEpiscopalHaymarket.org or visit its grounds at 6750 Fayette St., Haymarket, Virginia 20169.